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Regionalmanagement Südweststeiermark GmbH is a central point of contact for an integrated and sustainable regional development in the southwest of Styria. The main tasks are to organise and manage regional projects as well as to support regional stakeholders and networks.

According to an integrated regional development, the regional management is a platform to merge the interests of the country and those of the region. Furthermore, the regional management represents interests of communes, corporations, institutions and population to promote regional development processes together. It is also an impartial point of contact concerning project information, consulting and support. For an ideal implementation of proects, the Regionalmanagement Südweststeiermark GmbH manages EU- Funding programmes on behalf of the country of Styria.

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Corporate structure of Regionalmanagement Südweststeiermark GmbH

The regional executive committee is the owner of Regionalmanagement Südweststeiermark GmbH. The political and also strategical committee of the region Südweststeiermark is formed out of the regional executive committee and the regional assembly.

Members of the most important decision-making body, which is called regional executive committee, are leaders of micro regions, deputies of parliament and council as well as interest representatives. The chairman of this committee is a deputy of the party with the most votes at the last state election. A representative from the second largest majority supplies the vice chairman. The duties of the regional executive committee are in particular to participate in the preparation of the regional development guideline and also to implement its objectives. Another task is to prepare statements to the country of Styria.

The regional assembly consists out of the mayors of 44 communes of the districts of Leibnitz and Deutschlandsberg, deputies of parliament and council and interest representatives. In this case it is the most important regional political decision- making body. The tasks of the regional assembly are to pass resolutions regarding the regional development programme, to take part in drafting the regional development guideline and to make modifications on this guideline.

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